Terrain Formation

Model a hard-shell terrain and plaster castings that realistically recreate the terrain of any geographic area, such as open plains, mountains, rolling hills and valleys, rock bluffs and outcroppings.

Make Rocks Make rocks in minutes. Easy to make, easy to paint.

The Clinic Filmed at the NMRA Convention, in front of a standing-room-only crowd, this video offers step-by-step instructions for using Woodland Scenics Terrain and Landscape Systems to create professional-looking, realistic scenery. Watch scenery come to life right before your eyes.

Foam Sheets See how to use 1/4", 1/2", 1", 2", 3", and 4" Foam Sheets for layout and diorama bases, to create flat areas for towns, to build bridges and other structures and for other craft projects.

Smooth-It Learn how to use this plaster material to smooth rough spots, create streets, roads, parking lots and other paved areas.

Plaster Cloth Learn this simple, convenient and lightweight way to create a durable terrain shell, using only newspapers, masking tape and Plaster Cloth. Plaster Cloth dries to a hard shell surface ready to paint and landscape.

Model Realistic Rocks - Tips & Techniques Matt and Trevor show you how to cast various sizes and styles of rocks, install them on your layout and color them realistically with the fool-proof 'Leopard Spot' technique.

Model Scenery Made Easy This comprehensive, full-length video was produced to teach all modelers, from beginner to expert, the simple secrets of creating realistic model scenery.

Building Bridges See how to build different types of bridges using sheet foam.

Flex Paste See how to use this flexible, non-cracking modeling paste to create a hard surface, as a filler or primer on foam. Create a road base, seal under water features or to model snow drifts with Soft Flake Snow™.

Create Level Building Sites See how to add level building sites to an existing layout.

Tunnels, Retaining Walls and Culverts See how to install tunnel portals, retaining walls and culverts on a layout.

Build a display for Collectible Houses Learn step-by-step the landscape and terrain modeling techniques needed to build collectible house showpieces to fit in any display area.

Connect Split Levels Short demonstration on using Risers and Incline Sets to connect multiple levels on layouts.

Earth Colors See how to use Earth Color™ Liquid Pigments to color plaster castings, such as rocks, portals, retaining walls and culverts.

Using Mold-A-Scene™ Plaster Watch how to use Mold-A-Scene to build terrain and sculpt rocks and mountainous features.

Modeling Rock Formations See how to cast rocks to model outcroppings, bluffs, mountains and other rocky formations.

Build a Layout Fast and Easy Learn how to build a model railroad layout in five easy steps with the revolutionary SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System.

SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System Demonstration See a brief demonstration of the products available in the SubTerrain Lightweight Layout System and the advantages of using the foam System instead of plywood for a layout base.

Building an Overpass See how to build an overpass on a layout with Risers.

Add a Building & Road to an Existing Layout See how-to add a building and road to an existing layout.

Expanded Terrain System Model mountains, hills, valleys and other earth contours even easier, faster and more realistic than ever before! 50+ new products available early 2014.

Support Panels See how fast and easy it is to use Support Panels to build lightweight understructure for your layout.

How-to Install Grade Crossings Learn to install realistic Wood Plank or Steel Plate Grade Crossings on your model railroad layout.

Easy Rock Carving Learn to model realistic rock formations, such as strata lines, blasted rock, erosion and weathered rock.

Ready Rocks™ How-to Learn about the unique features of Ready Rocks and watch the demonstration on how to attach Ready Rocks to your terrain, blending them easily into your scenery.

Model Realistic Paved Areas Learn to make a variety of paved areas on your layout. Matt walks you step-by-step through the process of making roads, a railroad crossing and more!

Installing an Under-the-Table Switch See how to install an under-the-table switch machine when using Risers and Inclines/Declines.

How To Color Tunnel Portals, Retaining Walls and Culverts Learn to color culverts, retaining walls and tunnel portals realistically.

Using the Hot Wire Foam Cutter and Foam Cutter Bow and Guide Watch to learn how easy it is to cut custom foam terrain and structures using the Hot Wire Foam Cutter and Foam Cutter Bow and Guide.

Color Plaster Rocks With Earth Colors Liquid Pigments Learn to color rocks that model any geographic location realistically.

Installing Track-Bed™ This video will inform you about Track-Bed and show you how to install Track-Bed on your layout base. Track-Bed is a sound-deadening roadbed for model railroad track. It is flexible, does not require presoaking, will not dry-out or crumble, and it aligns well with cork.

Ready Rocks™ Demonstration Watch this video to learn about Ready Rocks. Precast plaster rocks, hand-painted and ready to install on your layout.

Modifying Risers and Inclines Learn to bevel, widen, narrow and bank Risers and Inclines to fit the track and road requirements of your layout.

Modeling Realistic Road Markings Kim introduces modelers to the Flexi-Edge, White and Yellow Road Striping Pens and the Road Stripe Eraser. Watch as she demonstrates how to use these new products to create realistic road and parking area markings to scale.

Shaper Sheet® Demonstration See how to use this unique, patent pending material to model all types of terrain. Shaper Sheet is ideal for layouts, dioramas, displays, arts & crafts and all kinds of other projects!

Shaper Sheet® How-To Watch a demonstration on how to shape, plaster and landscape Shaper Sheet, as well as how to splice two sheets together and finish the edges when attaching it to a layout. See how self-supporting Shaper Sheet can be shaped and reshaped to any level of detail.

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